Judicious is the creation of coffees distinguished by their superior qualities: unique taste sensations, enchanting aromas, balance. We select specialty green coffees from exceptional terroirs. Roasting is carried out in our workshop, by our master roaster, using the best techniques available. We offer you moments of sharing, of comfort, of awakening.

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  • Our goal :

    We want to give coffee its letters of nobility: select and roast exceptional and special coffees because they reflect their terroir, far from the uniformity of industrial coffees; offer an extraordinary taste experience; value and encourage the work of our producers.

    Discover our Adventure 
  • Our Cafes:

    We did many tastings to select absolutely amazing coffees, each in their own way!

    Beyond their wonderful taste qualities, these coffees each have a story that touched us and that we want to share with you.

    The specialty coffee 
  • Our Shop:

    Our workshop has a shop section where you can find our coffees, our teas and all our machines and accessories dedicated to the preparation of these drinks.

    You can also take a look at our roaster and taste an extraordinary espresso!

    Judicious, roaster in Angers