How do you go from specialty chemicals to specialty coffee? From water treatment to the transformation of mysterious green grains? Being touched by the grace of excellent coffee, roasted with passion, prepared with heart. A real revelation, in the spring of 2019, in a charming coffee shop.

This is what basically happened:

" Wow can coffee be this good?" Is this new local coffee? In France it starts? It develops? But then wait for me, I want to be part of it! »

Some months later :

"Sorry my dear colleagues, we've been working together for a while and doing a good job to clean up the waters and save the rivers, I'm a little sad but now I have to leave, I a coffee revolution to take! »

Conventional break for an unconventional adventure. Head in the books, puffy web eyes, I study the field, Cartesian approach. Then I meet. Ah yes the beautiful encounters ...Those that open up new horizons for you. And I'm not just metaphorizing here. Last January, I flew to Ethiopia with a band of enthusiasts, coffee enthusiasts and scholars. What shocks, what happiness. Road trip on the high plateaus, dusty laterite tracks, Colobus Guereza cottage tree. In the middle of this decor grow coffee trees that welcoming farmers show us with pride.

on the trail of the coffee trees

Next ? Training, exchange, tasting. Then study, sharing, tasting. Finally decision, action, tasting. Yes I drank a lot of coffee. 14 months of gestation, the JUDICIEUX workshop is a baby sperm whale.

The brand :

The flower in the gun and the light heart, I decided to create a brand of coffee. Branding, naming, manifesto, persona… a bit like walking through a minefield, drunk and blindfolded. By I don't know what miracle, thank you Saint Chemex, I came out with a "JUDICIOUS" concept.

The principle ?

I analyze my decisions in a rational, critical way in terms of ethics, a humanist requirement, to make the right choices.

The goal ?

In fact there are several:

To offer you coffee that is not only excellent, but also irreproachable in social and environmental terms: that's for you!

To be rewarded with the satisfaction of a job well done, the extent of which is commensurate with the effort provided – that's true, that's my favorite!

Sharing with you my passion, my enthusiasm, my discoveries: here we are!


The baseline:

I had several ideas.

Idea 1: “Smart, it's not sock juice”.

That's funny. Besides, it seems that “life is too short to drink sock juice”. But then if it's not sock juice, what is?... Finally disappointed with this definition on the contrary, I go back to the quest for the essence of Judicieux.

Idea 2 : “Clever, coffees for seventh heaven”.
Attention friends, drum roll for a pitiful pun… it's daring, not very poetic, a bit pathetic. However, I admit it to you, with my head down, I found this baseline to be nice for a long time… besides, coffee cheers you up; of course, but from there to… well all the same… in short, the promise ended up seeming to me a little disproportionate.

Idea 3 : “Judicious, Nobility of coffee”.
Thank you Mr Beuchet! It was you who gave me the key when you asked me this question “Cédric, it is not clear why your company is. What is Judicieux's project? Saving southern farmers from poverty? Get to know the terroirs? Giving coffee its letters of nobility?

A thousand ports but that's exactly my why! Making coffee a noble product, that's exactly it sir! Like wine, cheese or mogettes – the mogette has its IGP dear friends.

A noble product is a product that values ​​the work of producers and processors, it is a product that tends towards perfection and therefore brings joy. Because the Spinozists will tell you: “joy is the passage from a lesser perfection to a greater perfection”.

So, after the nobility of dress - nothing to do with fashion - or the nobility of the sword, let's create the nobility of coffee! Elegance, generosity, dignity, here is another judicious program.

package of JUDICIOUS coffee nobility of coffee

It's not just coffee in life...

But that's true and what about tea and herbal teas? Could we not apply the Judicious credo to the sourcing of these products? So here we go again for a tour of the state of the art: the web and books, meetings and tastings.

Trips ? Very soon I hope. I have wonderful memories of my discovery of tea plantations in Sri Lanka. Oh the magnificent gardens of Camellia sinensis, bushes trimmed like boxwood in a French garden, stretching out into the valleys, following the shapes of the mountain and here and there, as if to avoid any monotony, a few huge trees protecting from their shade the hedges of tea trees. Valleys which reveal their intense greens in the early morning when the sun chases away the high mist, and which soon take on bright colours.

JUDICIOUS tea box nobility of tea

You know everything! Otherwise write to me: atelier.judicieux@gmail.com!