Café du Salvador

Coffee from El Salvador

The EXCELLENCE coffee is the objective of MAURICIO SALAVARRIA.

Expert and passionate, MAURICIO experiments, innovates and optimizes.

At an altitude of 1600 m, the terroir is exceptional: the region is known by the pretty name of the "route des fleurs". And Mauricio pampers his terroir by cultivating under shade. The coffee trees flourish under large trees which protect the soil and protect it from the wind. Trees reduce water stress in the dry season and promote drainage in the rainy season.
Mauricio juggles with processes and varieties seeking finesse, complexity and subtlety. His approach has also enabled him to be often awarded the Cup of Excellence. With a farm called FINCA HIMALAYA it is not illogical that Mauricio is aiming for the Everest of coffee!

From MAURICIO's palette we have selected a micro batch, a small parcel of BABY GEISHA produced in a natural process: no use of water to wash the grains, just sun, time and a lot of work.


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