Café du Pérou

Coffee from Peru

Our Harmony coffee comes from a project combining solidarity ecotourism, sustainable development and protection of the ecosystem in the province of Chanchamayo the producers of the small hamlet of Santa Rosa produce a natural coffee according to the processes of organic farming.

Cultivation under shade guarantees the good development of the grains, the protection of the soil and the maintenance of biodiversity.

The coffee trees are pampered by adding compost, marine guano, and plant-based maceration. Do not try the recipe on your children, it is designed for coffee trees. The coffee cherries, picked at maturity between 1400 and 1700 m altitude, are dried on a slab for about 3 weeks: no water consumption to wash the beans.

Not only is this coffee organic and excellent, but it is also labeled SPP: Symbol of Farmer Producers. SSP is an organization born in Latin America that works to strengthen peasant agriculture . Do not throw any more, enjoy.

Coffee producer Peru

Coffee Peru

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