Café du Méxique

Mexican coffee

Our Heroic coffee comes from this state of Mexico where nature has brought together everything to grow excellent coffees: high mountains, a tropical climate and beautiful forests with generous shade.

Alas life had decided otherwise. Endemic poverty, the flight of youth to the United States, had offered fertile ground for marginalization and drug trafficking. In this dark context, a company had taken control of almost all of the coffee production, buying at a low price to resell to international buyers a coffee without relief.

But one of the local children, Miguel Guevara, left like so many others, decided to come back and change things!

From 2018, with ENSAMBLES, our partner, for this coffee, they provided techniques, financing and outlets to producers in the region. In 2020, as a reward for the exceptional quality of the coffees produced, ENSEMBLES offered a 2.7 rate higher than that which had been in place for 20 years.

The project is a success despite the difficulties. It is first 5 then 15 and now 60 producers whose work is recognized at its fair value.


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