Café du Costa Rica

Costa Rican coffee

FLAMBOYANT is the mode of expression of nature in COSTA RICA.

Located between two oceans, bumpy with mountains and volcanoes, this country, small in its territory, is immense in its biodiversity. In the region of TARRAZU, 70 km south of the capital SAN JOSE, coffee trees have found an EDEN to flourish. FINCA PARITILLA is located in the heart of this “Burgundy” of coffee. It is a family farm where the MORENOs have been working since 1980 to produce exceptional coffees.

With a score of 87 – 89 the objective is undoubtedly achieved with this coffee. A micro batch transformed into a natural process: no use of water to wash the grains, just sun, time and a lot of work.

When tasting it, we immediately fell in love with this coffee. Your turn now.


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