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Timemore - G1 grinder Silver and wood-Z

Timemore - G1 grinder Silver and wood-Z

Timemore Chestnut is a manual grinder that combines metal, American walnut wood and plastic in a simple and effective way.

A modern design, honored with the prestigious RedDot Award 2017 and a solid finish are very big advantages of this grinder.

The body is precisely made from a single piece of aluminum, which makes the whole thing stable and very durable.

The container for the ground coffee is made of plastic. The most difficult thing when producing manual coffee grinders is to keep the main axis stable, which results in an even grind.

The Chestnut model has bearings mounted in two places that stabilize the structure very well and at the same time facilitate the grinding of even lightly roasted hard coffees. Timemore Chestnut Conical Grinders are made of high quality stainless steel with added hardness. Together with a stable axle, this guarantees very uniform milling across the entire width of the scale. A unique feature of the hand grinders is the patented grind thickness scale, which makes it much easier to quickly switch between the settings best suited to different coffee brewing methods. Works best with alternative methods.

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