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Judicieux Torréfacteur

KOROMMII, Ethiopia, organic

A superb forest coffee, grown in the highlands of Guji, an illustrious region of Ethiopia. A magnificent nose, aromas of raspberry. Deliciously fruity, slightly tart, complex.

Ideal for your automatic bean machine or your filter coffee maker.

When we visited the producers of this coffee:

I am amazed by this incredible landscape. At more than 2000 meters above sea level, a forest of majestic trees, as tall as cathedrals, stands on the hills of this region of Ethiopia called Guji. Their beneficial shadows protect the coffee trees planted at their foot. HERLOOM, JARC 74110, 74112 thrive in ideal soil, organically. A magnificent example of agroforestry. The cherries are picked by hand, only those that are very ripe. They then dry naturally in the sun, releasing their grains without the use of water. An exceptional coffee both in its method of production and in its result in the cup

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