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Judicieux Torréfacteur

MARS WATERS, Brazil, sweet

A specialty coffee, suave, consensual with notes of roasted hazelnuts. Ideal in a filter coffee maker or on your automatic machine.
In Brazil the waters of March are the rainy season, the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. It's also a very beautiful song by Carlos Jobim… A step, a stone, a path that walks… It's the rainy season, it's the melting of the ice, It's the waters of Mars, the promise of life … Poetry in this café in the Cerrado Mineiro region! A region whose specificity of the terroir and the quality of the coffee are recognized by a controlled designation of origin. From the yellow catucai variety, grown between 800 and 1300 m above sea level, this coffee is one of the rare washed coffees in the region. But rest assured, we have checked the waters are reprocessed. Note the Rainforest Alliance label.
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